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Visit the Photo Gallery

Museo Etnografico Francesco Bande

The Collection

For those who want to know more about of Sardinia's people, we suggest to visit the Ethnographic Museum Francesco Bande that is placed in Sassari, Via Muroni 44. There are exposed bride dresses, daily dresses and widow dresses of some areas of the island, collected and preserved from the mastro Bande. Some dresses are dated '1700. You be able to admire typical island musican instrument, like “launeddas”, musical instruments that was used from Sardinia's shepherd.

The Cultural Social Club was named from Francesco Bande, accordionist of international fame, known in any corner of the island and recalled from whoever love the music and folk of Sardinia.

Not think to a sad exposition closed between a museum's walls which seeks to keep a time now past; the expositive room dedicated to the dresses, jewellery and accordion of Francesco Bande is alive like the colours of Sardinia. In the showcase of the small museum take a place a very old dresses of Logudoro, Romangia and Goceano, geographic area where spring out Bultei, some of which was dated '1850 undamaged in the colour of the velvet and brocades, pointed beards of the shirt and the lustre of the golden embroiderys.

Part of the museum is dedicated to the diatonic accordions, a precious collection of over ten instruments tha was singed by Francesco Bande during his shows, depending by the spirit of the music.These tools turn the squares of Sardinia thanks to the young Mario Bande, nephew of the maestro, who attend the solo voice of daughter Inoria, which since young sang in the squares and festival with these nice instruments.

All these deposition of great historical value abandon, between the wall of the little museum, the solemnity who leads the bundle of the history, become docile and familiar, are touching and knowing and transmitting those approaching, a big love for this land, full of tradition and colours.

The Social Club organize conventions, conferences, festivals and dance trainig and diatonic accordion trainig.